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A747DL 4 Channel Data Logging Thermometer


A747DL 4 Channel Data Logging Thermometer has a temperature range from -100 to 1700°C, and accepts thermocouple Types E,J,K,N,R,S,T, and can record up to 10,000 records on the handset.

It has a greater advantage over thr A747D as it accepts 4 thermocouples and displays all 4 readings simultaneously, It is also supplied with a protective rubber holster with built in tilt stand.

The Data Logger comes with PC based software and RS232 download lead, and can download its data at up to 50 records per second.

Functions include: Large Format LCD Display, Back-lit Display, Temperature Switchable between Celsius -Kelvin-Fahrenheit, Max/Min/Average Readings, Thermocouple Switching, Count-Time Clock, 1000 Hour Battery Life.

Temperature Range: -100 to +1700°C
Accuracy: +/-0.7°C over range -100 to +1300°C and +/-2°C over range +1300 to 1700°C
Input Protection: 24volts AC/DC Maximum.

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A747DL 4 Channel Data Logging Thermometer
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