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Current Monitoring Kit WITH USB adaptor

REF: 6423
The Current Monitoring Kit contains everything that you need to start data logging currents from up to three separate circuits. It is ideal for measuring and balancing 3 phase supplies as well as machine monitoring and energy efficiency studies.

The Current Monitoring Kit offers a cost saving over buying all of the products separately. The kit includes the following:

  • EL040 current monitor
  • EL005 logger
  • 3 * TA011 AC current clamps
  • Serial to USB adaptor
  • Power Supply
  • EL003 network cable
  • PC software, cables and manual

Current Monitoring Kit  WITH USB adaptor
Ref: 6423  Current Monitoring Kit WITH USB adaptor     615.00 
PP264 60 Amp Current Clamp

PP264 60 Amp Current Clamp

REF: Ref: PP264
60 Amp Current Clamp

The PP218 and PP264 current clamps are ideal for use with PicoScope automotive oscilloscopes for measuring currents between 10 mA and 60 A. This enables the PicoScope to display current waveforms for fuel injectors and fuel pumps (see waveforms below).

The current clamp has two calibration settings, set by a slider switch on the handle of the probe.

1 mV/10 mA (100 mV = 1 A)
— use this for testing currents up to 20A.
1 mV/100 mA (10 mV = 1 A)
— use this for testing current up to 60A.
In use there is no need to break into the circuit or disturb the isolation as the opening jaws simply clamp around the current carrying conductor. No electrical contact is required.

Ref: PP264PP264 60 Amp Current Clamp    79.95