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EL042 Alarm and Relay Unit

REF: 018-104
  • Built-in audible alarm
  • Activate an external telephone dialer
  • Trigger up to 3 alarm devices

  • The EL042 is an alarm and relay unit for the EnviroMon data logging system. When the EL042 detects an alarm condition, it can activate its built-in sounder, send a message by activating an external telephone dialer, or trigger up to three user-supplied alarm devices connected to its opto-isolated outputs.

    The EL042 can be powered from the EnviroMon network or an external 12 volt power supply. The unit includes a rechargeable backup battery that allows the EL042 to maintains its alarm outputs for several hours in the event of a power failure.

    Using the EL042 you can enable the “deviation alarm” feature in the EnviroMon software. With this advanced feature you can set up the EnviroMon system to monitor a number of channels as a group. Your EL042 can then activate an alarm if any channel differs from the group average, or from any other channel in the group, or from the median of the group, by more than a specified amount. You can even define nested groups of sensors.

    EL042 Specifications
    Connectors2 x network connector
    1 x output connector
    1 x power connector
    Indicators1 x red LED
    EnclosurePlastic case
    Output connectorDE9M
    Power connectorDC 1.3 mm
    12 V unregulated input @ 200 mA max.
    Positive on centre pin
    External power adapter12 V unregulated @ 500 mA
    EL042 power supply modesFrom external power supply, network or internal battery
    BatteryRechargeable NiMH module
    ComplianceCE (EMC)
    Enviromental0 C to 70 C
    10% to 90% humidity
    not waterproof

    EL042 Alarm and Relay Unit
    Ref: 018-104  EL042 Alarm and Relay Unit     275.00 

    EL006 Audible Alarm

    REF: 018-105
    The 65 dB EL006 remote alarm is useful when the room where the logger is located is not often occupied. One or more remote alarms can be connected at any place along the network where staff would be able to hear the audible alarm. 

    EL006 Audible Alarm
    Ref: 018-105  EL006 Audible Alarm     169.00 

    EL019 Autodialler

    REF: EL019
    If it is necessary to respond to alarms when the site is unmanned, the alarm dialer module can make telephone calls to several numbers and deliver a voice message.

    The EL019 autodialer can be programmed with a list of emergency telephone numbers. When there is a problem, the dialer calls each of the telephone numbers in turn until someone answers, then it gives a message saying that there is a problem. The dialer behaves in the same way as any normal extension and does not affect the operation of other telephones connected to the same line.

    The EL-019 is only suitable for use with UK phone systems. Overseas customers should contact their local distributor for a suitable alternative.

    The Speech Dialer can give three messages for different types of problem:
    • Temperature out of range or sensor fail.
    • Mains fail for more than five minutes.
    • Network fail for more than five minutes.

    An EL042 Alarm and Relay Unit is required to control and power the EL019 Autodialer. 

    EL019 Autodialler
    Ref: EL019  EL019 Autodialler   Use Parent()    209.00